Miller & Carter

Ok so I have a confession. Jake’s Food Bible had never been to Miller & Carter before. I know, I know. Despite our love of food and the great things, we’d heard we’d never been (although we’d been meaning to go for ages, I promise!)

We visited the Miller & Carter Washford Mill restaurant and wanted to tell you all about it!


Firstly we had these bad boys. Sticky Chipotle Chicken – sweet chipotle chilli-glazed chicken bites with toasted sesame seeds. The glaze was sweet and sticky with a bit of spice – it had the texture of a marmalade (I wish they sold it in jars!) These really got the appetite going…


To round off our starters we had Pulled Brisket Croquettes. These tender morsels were tasty with a smooth meaty filling. The lemon aioli was the perfect fresh accompaniment and you know I love anything with a panko coating! P.S. Usually I don’t eat side salads or whatever – I like to leave room for the ‘proper’ food but this slaw was NICE.


STEAAAAAKS. Obviously M&C are known for the best steaks around. Jake is a steak lover, and although I like a steak, it’s never been my ‘go to’ on a menu. Until now…!

Every steak comes cooked to your liking and served with parsley butter, seasoned fries, a slice of onion loaf and a balsamic glazed tomato. You also get a lettuce wedge with your choice of dressing AND your choice of steak sauce. Phew. This makes M&C really good value as you’re getting a whole meal whereas so many other places charge you for each thing separately. Ain’t nobody got time for that. 

Jake had the 8oz Fillet, medium rare (above) – he described it as super tender, he could tell the quality was fantastic and it melted in his mouth. He had the peppercorn sauce which was full of flavour and had a nice peppery kick.


I had the 8oz Sirloin cooked medium well (above) – don’t hate – I don’t like to hear the cow mooing thanks. It was cooked perfectly for me – they really know what they’re doing with their cuts and timings (I might even brave medium or medium rare next time!) This steak was one of the tastiest meat dishes I’ve ever had. It was so juicy, tender and full of flavour – I swear I dreamt about it that night. I had the beef dripping sauce with mine and oh my goddddd – dream! I could have drank it out of the dish (but my momma taught me better table manners than that.)


As there is no such thing as too much meat we also got a half rack of ribs, because why not? These beauties fell right off the bone – it was a refreshing change to have a subtle barbecue glaze to complement the meat rather than the flavour of the ribs getting drowned out by a drenching of barbecue sauce.


The two above are our lettuce wedges. Jake chose bacon and honey mustard and I chose classic cocktail with croutons. We’d heard all about the lettuce wedge and I actually really enjoyed having a side that wasn’t a sad, soggy salad or something greasy and fried! Also the cocktail dressing reminded me of having a retro prawn cocktail on Christmas Day 🎄haha!


Although I adore sweet potato fries (❤️️ 4eva) I wanted to go for normal fries because we had so much else assaulting our taste buds. The chips were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside – dipped in that beef dripping sauce they were heaven…


Jake chose the Lobster Mac & Cheese as a side – now I’ll be honest I’m not a fan of lobster so I can’t give you an opinion on this one. JFB himself said it was perfectly cheesy and the lobster added a tasty meaty texture to it that he really enjoyed. It wasn’t just your average Mac & Cheese!


I mean would you look at that 😍! It’s so beautiful. CC the Onion Loaf – our friend said that it was worth visiting M&C for the Onion Loaf alone and it was yummy! It was a cool change to onion rings – nice and crispy but not as heavy.


Despite being full enough to lie straight down and go to sleep, I bullied Jake into getting a pudding. We got the Silverpail Ice Cream & Cookie. Three scoops of double chocolate ice cream (so help me, it even had chunks of chocolate in) with a home baked cookie and belgian chocolate sauce. It just about finished me off and I thought someone was going to have to roll me to the car. It was delicious!!

We had such a wonderful time visiting Miller & Carter Washford Mill. The restaurant itself is beautiful with a working watermill inside. It’s modern and sophisticated but still homely and welcoming. The staff were superb – especially our waiter David who made me a gorgeous mango Absolutini!

This was our first visit to Miller & Carter, but definitely won’t be our last.

If you want to take a look for yourself, click the following link: Miller and Carter Washford Mill

5/5 for sure – 💜💜💜💜💜. Catch you next time, LS x


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Severn Social

We had heard some great things about Severn Social, a Shrewsbury based burger joint meets sports bar meets boutique hotel so we headed on down to see what they had to offer…

We tried a bit of everything, so prepare yourself for an mouth watering, belly busting extravaganza (you may need a lie down afterwards, we sure did!)


First up was the ‘Kreme De La Kreme Burger’. This sugary, savoury darling is made up of  a triple stacked dry aged beef patty, triple American cheese, sweet cured streaky bacon, american mustard, ketchup sandwiched in – you guessed it – a glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut. Now, I’m going to be straight up with you and tell you I felt a little overwhelmed. I’ve seen a lot of doughnut burgers doing the rounds and never actually dared to order one myself. I love a savoury/sweet mix (sweet and salty popcorn, I see you 😍) but this seemed a bridge too far. HOWEVER… once I sank my teeth into this, I knew I was wrong. The mustard on this completely cut through the sweetness to make a mouthwatering treat. Cheesy, meaty and one hell of a looker, I would definitely order this again (p.s. an elastic waistband is recommended).


Next was the ‘Severn Social Classic Burger’; 31-day dry aged beef patty, Gouda cheese, lettuce, red onion, tomato, pickle and Severn Social burger sauce all tucked up in a poppy and hemp seed brioche ‘Bakehouse 2.0’ bun. I love that Severn Social have this on the menu – simple, good quality ingredients make for a beautiful flavour. I love a big, OTT burger, but this one’s juicy beef patty was allowed to shine through and YUM. As condiment queen, big up to the Severn Social burger sauce – I’m considering breaking in and stealing the secret recipe, shh…

As a side note I had an in-depth discussion about gherkin distribution over this one. I hate gherkins. I’m pretty sure they’re the devil in disguise, their flavour seeps into everything and bleugh (shout out to all my friends who take burger gherkins off my hands at restaurants, you the MVPs). But but but the gherkins on this were actually really good, there was a thin layer of them over the bottom bun which meant you got a super subtle flavour rather than one mouthful of gherkins and nothing else.


Next was the ‘You Dirty Burger’ – 31 day dry aged beef patty, American and Gouda cheese, beer caramelised onions, smoked streaky bacon, lettuce, pickles and Severn Social burger sauce in a poppy and hemp seed brioche ‘Bakehouse 2.0’ bun. Now this was dirty! The beer caramelised onions and two cheeses made this a moist (sorry I hate that word too) and flavoursome burger. I also have to mention the buns; they’re from a local bakery, and really stole the show here. A burger with heavy toppings needs a solid bun or you end up with a soggy mess. This was bun was buttery and soft but held up really well when faced with a lot of competition.


Last but definitely not least on the burger front was the ‘Whoopi Goldburger’ (see what they did there? 😏). 8oz ‘Juicy Lucy’ beef patty filled with red Leicester cheese, drizzled with caramelised chipotle sauce and American cheese sauce served in a glitzy golden bun. This was a special for National Burger Day. Often when restaurants go for a ‘gimmick’ the taste or quality is compromised – not with this bad boy (or girl?) Not only does it look amazing; its smoky BBQ flavour, sweetened by two cheeses perfectly complements its yummy medium cooked patty. This was definitely one of my favourites.
P.s. who doesn’t love Whoopi – she’s great <3.


Sides yes siiiides. These ‘Naked Fries’ were incredible. Genuinely one of the best portions of fries I’ve ever experienced. Simple, crunchy, fluffy and salty I could eat these every day for the rest of my life. I want to eat them all over again.


Wings time. These ‘sweet & sticky Japanese’ wings were addictive. I’m not a big wings fan if I’m completely honest – I don’t like eating meat off the bone (I know, I know). That being said, these were so well cooked, they just fell off the bone! The sauce was really tasty (I mopped the extra up with the chips ahhh) – I’d love to try the other varieties too. I wish they did this sauce on some chicken strips – I would die!

We really enjoyed our visit – the decor was super chilled, with lots of screens it’d be great to visit when there’s a big match on. The staff were so friendly and welcoming, nothing was too much trouble and the location is great, a short walk from Shrewsbury centre.

We also stayed overnight in the hotel which was wonderful – stylish, clean and relaxing. We would recommend this place to anyone, and we’ll definitely be back!

5/5 without a doubt – 💜💜💜💜💜. Catch you next time, LS x

GBK- Big Mouth Special

Gourmet Burger Kitchen is the best ‘chain’ burger restaurant out there in my opinion, I’ve never had anything except awesome food there, so when JFB was invited down to try their ‘Big Mouth Special’ I was EXCITED!

We’d been to the Resorts World branch of GBK before and were looking forward to going back. Now, I know we’re all about the food, but I think it’s important to say that the restaurant itself is super nice with friendly and attentive service. All of the staff we spoke to were welcoming and helpful (I’m so indecisive so it’s great when people will recommend things to me). Now on to the munch…

So we had some starters to er, start…


‘Tempura Wasabi King Prawns’ were fresh with crunchy batter. The wasabi is in the middle of the bites so it was a welcome subtle addition of spice, rather than it trying to blow your face off. The chilli salsa they came with (n.b. see the corner of the photo, ha) was delicious.


These ‘Chilli Fried Chicken Bites’ are legit one of my favourite starters from anywhere. They’re so tasty – juicy and a little spicy with a side of sriracha mayo, they’re a great warm up.


The ‘Chargrilled Chicken Skewers’ with smoked chilli mayo had a great BBQ flavour – you really got the chargrilled edge to these bad boys – still moist (sorry, I hate that word too…) these are a great start to a meal if you don’t want anything too heavy before your main.

On to the main act…


The ‘Big Mouth Special’ is an absolute beast. This juicy beauty is a 6oz beef patty loaded with ‘Yeastie Boys’ beer-infused cheese, bacon monster crunch, smoked chilli mayo, beef ketchup and salad tucked up nicely in a bouncy brioche bun.

Whereas Jake doubled up, I used the extra stomach space for SIDES. More on that in a minute…

First off, the burger patties in GBK are always cooked perfectly (and can be cooked to your liking) – Jake’s below is medium. Secondly, I am always here for the amount of sauce on their burgers. No one wants a dry bun(!) This guy had a great sweet and savoury mix of flavours from the sauces and bacon monster crunch, but the meaty taste of the patty well and truly stole the show. Juicy and beefy it was de-lic-ious. The burger itself held up really well so you didn’t end up with a sliding mess at the end and the salad and crunch of the bacon monster crunch added a nice bit of texture. Apart from the patty, the winner here for me was the cheese – stringy, generous and beer infused, what’s not to like?


Next up is the *drum roll please* siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiides. I live for a side (or three).


GBK’s sweet potato fries are a dream. I think I love them so much because I can never replicate anything close to them at home. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside with plenty of salt – I can’t get enough. Not to mention my absolute favourite condiment of all time (which is saying something…) BACONNAISE *throws confetti*. I can’t put into words how good it is, you’ll just have to try it yourself.


Next up, can we take a moment for these onion rings please. I have truly never experienced an onion ring this perfect in my entire life (and believe me, I’ve eaten a lot of onion rings). I’m assuming they’re coated with panko breadcrumbs rather than a standard batter as they are so crispy. The onion is soft but not slimy which is a pet hate of mine (I have very specific pet hates when it comes to food…sorry). All in all – YAAAS.


I’ll level with you, I didn’t manage to try these ‘Truffle Cheese Fries’ as I was too busy inhaling onion rings. The report was that they were ‘fluffy and cheesy and tasty af’ so I think that sums them up pretty well! I think if you usually go for sweet potato fries like me, then these would be a great sides instead if you want to try something a bit different. Would I still be able to dip them in baconnaise or is that too much…?

All in all, this was a outstanding meal – I would definitely recommend the Big Mouth – don’t be intimidated, you can manage this monster I promise! But if not, GBK’s menu has something for everyone, and like I said before, I’ve always had really tasty food from them so give them a go if you haven’t already – you won’t regret it!

psst…🙋, ok so Jake has the whole ‘x/5 burgers thing 🍔’ but I want you to know when it’s me posting. So I’m going to have… hearts. Very original I know, but at least you’ll know it’s me, and I can slowly hijack this thing into Lily’s Food Bible… mwahaha…

5/5 from me! 💜💜💜💜💜. Catch you next time, LS x

Nanny Bill’s

In my opinion Nanny Bill’s is one of the best Street Food places you could visit! Ever since the first email conversation I had with Darren about coming to support them, first with their residency launch at The Shop earlier this year, to now – showcasing their badass food at The Last Days of Shoreditch – they have always been so welcoming and never fail to make time for their customers – something you don’t see much of these days!

It’s evident the first time you meet Darren and the boys that they all share a HUGE passion for serving up incredible food which speaks volumes!

If burgers are your game, Nanny Bill’s is a must. Their selection ranges from buttermilk fried chicken and glorious beef to bean and vegan burgers! Sticking with the burgers for a minute; my personal favourite from the boys is the Bacon Jam Cheeseburger! Holy S#%t this hits the spot! Perfectly cooked, seasoned beef (medium rare) with layered bacon and jam, all smothered in gooey cheese! Nothing short of spectacular.

Jake’s top tip – Double. It. Up!

Nanny Bill’s also offer Food Porn in the form of sides. Yes, starting with the fries! If you’re someone like me who can’t decide on fries or sweet potato fries surely you have both, right? Smother them in garlic aioli, hot sauce, parmesan and parsley then you’re set! Perfectly balanced flavours which will leave you wanting more!

Another of my favourites has to be their Halloumi Nuggets – such a guilty pleasure! Halloumi is one of those foods like marmite; you either love it or hate it! Even if you’re not a fan, you will be after you have these! Dip them in hot sauce and the rest is taken care of.

In summary, if you’re looking for some great street food, brilliant service with a laugh and a joke – not to mention some straight up gangsta burgers, Nanny Bill’s is the place for you.

Check out Nanny Bill’s here – Click Me

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