Severn Social

We had heard some great things about Severn Social, a Shrewsbury based burger joint meets sports bar meets boutique hotel so we headed on down to see what they had to offer…

We tried a bit of everything, so prepare yourself for an mouth watering, belly busting extravaganza (you may need a lie down afterwards, we sure did!)


First up was the ‘Kreme De La Kreme Burger’. This sugary, savoury darling is made up of  a triple stacked dry aged beef patty, triple American cheese, sweet cured streaky bacon, american mustard, ketchup sandwiched in – you guessed it – a glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut. Now, I’m going to be straight up with you and tell you I felt a little overwhelmed. I’ve seen a lot of doughnut burgers doing the rounds and never actually dared to order one myself. I love a savoury/sweet mix (sweet and salty popcorn, I see you 😍) but this seemed a bridge too far. HOWEVER… once I sank my teeth into this, I knew I was wrong. The mustard on this completely cut through the sweetness to make a mouthwatering treat. Cheesy, meaty and one hell of a looker, I would definitely order this again (p.s. an elastic waistband is recommended).


Next was the ‘Severn Social Classic Burger’; 31-day dry aged beef patty, Gouda cheese, lettuce, red onion, tomato, pickle and Severn Social burger sauce all tucked up in a poppy and hemp seed brioche ‘Bakehouse 2.0’ bun. I love that Severn Social have this on the menu – simple, good quality ingredients make for a beautiful flavour. I love a big, OTT burger, but this one’s juicy beef patty was allowed to shine through and YUM. As condiment queen, big up to the Severn Social burger sauce – I’m considering breaking in and stealing the secret recipe, shh…

As a side note I had an in-depth discussion about gherkin distribution over this one. I hate gherkins. I’m pretty sure they’re the devil in disguise, their flavour seeps into everything and bleugh (shout out to all my friends who take burger gherkins off my hands at restaurants, you the MVPs). But but but the gherkins on this were actually really good, there was a thin layer of them over the bottom bun which meant you got a super subtle flavour rather than one mouthful of gherkins and nothing else.


Next was the ‘You Dirty Burger’ – 31 day dry aged beef patty, American and Gouda cheese, beer caramelised onions, smoked streaky bacon, lettuce, pickles and Severn Social burger sauce in a poppy and hemp seed brioche ‘Bakehouse 2.0’ bun. Now this was dirty! The beer caramelised onions and two cheeses made this a moist (sorry I hate that word too) and flavoursome burger. I also have to mention the buns; they’re from a local bakery, and really stole the show here. A burger with heavy toppings needs a solid bun or you end up with a soggy mess. This was bun was buttery and soft but held up really well when faced with a lot of competition.


Last but definitely not least on the burger front was the ‘Whoopi Goldburger’ (see what they did there? 😏). 8oz ‘Juicy Lucy’ beef patty filled with red Leicester cheese, drizzled with caramelised chipotle sauce and American cheese sauce served in a glitzy golden bun. This was a special for National Burger Day. Often when restaurants go for a ‘gimmick’ the taste or quality is compromised – not with this bad boy (or girl?) Not only does it look amazing; its smoky BBQ flavour, sweetened by two cheeses perfectly complements its yummy medium cooked patty. This was definitely one of my favourites.
P.s. who doesn’t love Whoopi – she’s great <3.


Sides yes siiiides. These ‘Naked Fries’ were incredible. Genuinely one of the best portions of fries I’ve ever experienced. Simple, crunchy, fluffy and salty I could eat these every day for the rest of my life. I want to eat them all over again.


Wings time. These ‘sweet & sticky Japanese’ wings were addictive. I’m not a big wings fan if I’m completely honest – I don’t like eating meat off the bone (I know, I know). That being said, these were so well cooked, they just fell off the bone! The sauce was really tasty (I mopped the extra up with the chips ahhh) – I’d love to try the other varieties too. I wish they did this sauce on some chicken strips – I would die!

We really enjoyed our visit – the decor was super chilled, with lots of screens it’d be great to visit when there’s a big match on. The staff were so friendly and welcoming, nothing was too much trouble and the location is great, a short walk from Shrewsbury centre.

We also stayed overnight in the hotel which was wonderful – stylish, clean and relaxing. We would recommend this place to anyone, and we’ll definitely be back!

5/5 without a doubt – 💜💜💜💜💜. Catch you next time, LS x

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