Miller & Carter

Ok so I have a confession. Jake’s Food Bible had never been to Miller & Carter before. I know, I know. Despite our love of food and the great things, we’d heard we’d never been (although we’d been meaning to go for ages, I promise!)

We visited the Miller & Carter Washford Mill restaurant and wanted to tell you all about it!


Firstly we had these bad boys. Sticky Chipotle Chicken – sweet chipotle chilli-glazed chicken bites with toasted sesame seeds. The glaze was sweet and sticky with a bit of spice – it had the texture of a marmalade (I wish they sold it in jars!) These really got the appetite going…


To round off our starters we had Pulled Brisket Croquettes. These tender morsels were tasty with a smooth meaty filling. The lemon aioli was the perfect fresh accompaniment and you know I love anything with a panko coating! P.S. Usually I don’t eat side salads or whatever – I like to leave room for the ‘proper’ food but this slaw was NICE.


STEAAAAAKS. Obviously M&C are known for the best steaks around. Jake is a steak lover, and although I like a steak, it’s never been my ‘go to’ on a menu. Until now…!

Every steak comes cooked to your liking and served with parsley butter, seasoned fries, a slice of onion loaf and a balsamic glazed tomato. You also get a lettuce wedge with your choice of dressing AND your choice of steak sauce. Phew. This makes M&C really good value as you’re getting a whole meal whereas so many other places charge you for each thing separately. Ain’t nobody got time for that. 

Jake had the 8oz Fillet, medium rare (above) – he described it as super tender, he could tell the quality was fantastic and it melted in his mouth. He had the peppercorn sauce which was full of flavour and had a nice peppery kick.


I had the 8oz Sirloin cooked medium well (above) – don’t hate – I don’t like to hear the cow mooing thanks. It was cooked perfectly for me – they really know what they’re doing with their cuts and timings (I might even brave medium or medium rare next time!) This steak was one of the tastiest meat dishes I’ve ever had. It was so juicy, tender and full of flavour – I swear I dreamt about it that night. I had the beef dripping sauce with mine and oh my goddddd – dream! I could have drank it out of the dish (but my momma taught me better table manners than that.)


As there is no such thing as too much meat we also got a half rack of ribs, because why not? These beauties fell right off the bone – it was a refreshing change to have a subtle barbecue glaze to complement the meat rather than the flavour of the ribs getting drowned out by a drenching of barbecue sauce.


The two above are our lettuce wedges. Jake chose bacon and honey mustard and I chose classic cocktail with croutons. We’d heard all about the lettuce wedge and I actually really enjoyed having a side that wasn’t a sad, soggy salad or something greasy and fried! Also the cocktail dressing reminded me of having a retro prawn cocktail on Christmas Day 🎄haha!


Although I adore sweet potato fries (❤️️ 4eva) I wanted to go for normal fries because we had so much else assaulting our taste buds. The chips were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside – dipped in that beef dripping sauce they were heaven…


Jake chose the Lobster Mac & Cheese as a side – now I’ll be honest I’m not a fan of lobster so I can’t give you an opinion on this one. JFB himself said it was perfectly cheesy and the lobster added a tasty meaty texture to it that he really enjoyed. It wasn’t just your average Mac & Cheese!


I mean would you look at that 😍! It’s so beautiful. CC the Onion Loaf – our friend said that it was worth visiting M&C for the Onion Loaf alone and it was yummy! It was a cool change to onion rings – nice and crispy but not as heavy.


Despite being full enough to lie straight down and go to sleep, I bullied Jake into getting a pudding. We got the Silverpail Ice Cream & Cookie. Three scoops of double chocolate ice cream (so help me, it even had chunks of chocolate in) with a home baked cookie and belgian chocolate sauce. It just about finished me off and I thought someone was going to have to roll me to the car. It was delicious!!

We had such a wonderful time visiting Miller & Carter Washford Mill. The restaurant itself is beautiful with a working watermill inside. It’s modern and sophisticated but still homely and welcoming. The staff were superb – especially our waiter David who made me a gorgeous mango Absolutini!

This was our first visit to Miller & Carter, but definitely won’t be our last.

If you want to take a look for yourself, click the following link: Miller and Carter Washford Mill

5/5 for sure – 💜💜💜💜💜. Catch you next time, LS x


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